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Group Classes 

  • The reformer is the most commonly used piece of pilates equipment.  Through the use of a series of pulleys, resistance springs and a moveable carriage pilates exercises can be made more or less challenging for the inidividual.
  • The 55 minute long session will simply speed by as you burn calories and bulid core strength.  The emphasis is on light-weight and high reps to strengthen, tighten and tone your entire body.
  • This is a workout that will challenge you and get quick results - your hips, legs, bum and arms will feel and look great and your flexibility enhanced
  • At Activate Pilates group sessions are a maximum of 7 people and are split into the following classes:
    • Essential Reformer
    • Reformer
    • Reformer Plus
    • Jumpboard

Essential Reformer

  • Our essential reformer classes are a slower paced reformer pilates class.
  • These are suitable for those who are totally new to reformer pilates and those who may have a few aches, or just wish to enjoy a more gentle pace.
  • This workout will still challenge all areas of the body working on core strength, muscle toning and flexibility. 


  • These are our standard classes, building up to more intermediate level exercises.  
  • The pace of classes is faster than the 'essential reformer' sessions and features more exercises in less stable positions, such as kneeling.
  • Beginners are not excluded from these classes depending on your fitness levels. 

Reformer Plus

  • These classes work up to Advanced level.
  • Reformer plus classes are reserved for those who have worked at reformer level for a period of time and are regular attendees.
  • Entry to these classes is at our invitation. 


  • Our jumpboard reformer classes are a cardio based reformer class using the jumpboards.
  • This class has a larger cardio element than our standard classes and will further challenge your core, and total body strength, while elevating your heart rate.
  • These classes are for Reformer and Reformer Plus clients. 

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