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Frequently asked questions 

1. What is the difference between matwork and reformer Pilates?

  • Your body provides resistance and assistance for the exercises in matwork Pilates, making use of gravity and your body weight.  A reformer enables the exercises to be made easier or more challenging by offering additional support or resistance through the use of springs, pulleys and a moveable carriage.

2. Do I need to be fit to come to a class?

  • We offer a range of classes at Activate Pilates.  The reformer classes are more dynamic and may see you work up a sweat.  However all classes are adapted to suit each individual and you therefore always work at your own pace, so all fitness levels can be catered for. 

3. How often do I need to come to classes?

  • This depends on the outcomes you desire.  As the main focus of Pilates is to strengthen your core it complements cardiovascular training well.  If you attend the reformer classes 2 times a week you would expect to see changes in 4-6 weeks. 

4. What should I wear and bring to classes?

  • For the reformer  classes you may work up a sweat, you therefore need to wear suitable sports clothing for this.  All classes are taught barefoot, so footwear is not needed.  It is recommended you do not wear jewellery.  Water is provided at the studio, though you are welcome to bring your own drinks.  All equipment for exercising is provided.  Please arrive 10 mins early to your 1st class so the instructor can introduce you to the equipment and you can fill in an enrolment form prior to starting the exercises.

5. I'm already fit, what can Pilates offer me?

  • The main focus of Pilates is to strengthen your core stability muscles.  This enables the body to work better from this strong, controlled core.  Therefore, as a specific type of exercise you will still get benefits to complement your cardiovascular fitness.  Come and try our reformer classes where resistance can be increased or decreased to make exercises more challenging and free weights are also used.

6. Is 1:1 available?

  • Yes, for all types of classes.  Please see our Private Pilates page for more information.

7. I have an injury or am recovering from an injury, should i attend?

  • Please call us to discuss your needs, we may suggest a 1:1 session prior to joining a class.  For all classes you must inform the instructor of any new or old injuries prior to starting the class. A review with a Phyisotherapist will be suggested if felt appropriate.  As with any form of exercise it is always recommended you seek advice from your GP before starting a class if you have any injuries or medical problems.

8. I'm pregnant, can i attend your classes?

  • If you become pregnant whilst already attending classes please inform your instructor who will discuss your options with you.  If you do not normally do exercise or attend classes prior to becoming pregnant it is not recommended to start reformer Pilates classes.

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