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Covid - 19 information

What to expect at the studio

  • Only 5 reformers will be in use and these are spaced 2m apart
  • Windows in the studio will be open to ensure adequate ventilation. Therefore if you often feel the cold please wear extra layers!
  • Unfortunately we will not be allowing anyone not taking part in the class to enter the studio.
  • Blue cushions will not be in use (there will be no side-lying exercises). Replacement wipeable cushions will be available.
  • The kitchen and sofa area will not be in use.
  • Fans will not be in use in the studio
  • The straps now have removable and wipeable covers on them.
  • In the toilet we now have a paper towel dispenser (all towels have been removed) and disinfectant wipes will also be available for use.
  • There are bottles of hand santiser throughout the studio.
Arriving and leaving classes
  • The door to the studio will be unlocked around 5mins before your class is due to start.
  • Please arrive already changed for your class.
  • On arrival you will find the doors will be wedged open so you do not have to touch handles to get in.  The doors will then be closed and locked by the teacher once the class starts.
  • As the outside door will be locked when the class starts, please ensure you arrive before your class is due to start, or you will not be allowed to join the class and you will still be charged.
  • The entrance hall is quite a small area so we ask that you are respectful of each other and only enter the hall area when you can see that it is empty.  There will be posters to remind you of this. 
  • You will also find that in the hall there is now cube storage spaces, along with the shelves in the studio, for you to put all (including your shoes) of your belongings in.  Please be respectful of others and only use one cube/shelf.  We will then clean these in between the classes.
  • As the door will be locked during the class your belongings will be safe in the hall, but please bring the bare minimum with you to classes.
  • Once you are in the studio you will need to sanitise or wash hands and then you will be directed to the furthest away reformer to stop unnecessary walking past each other. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose the reformer you use.
  • The outside door will be unlocked for a class to leave and then locked again to allow for cleaning before the next class arrives.

Studio cleaning

  • Clients will be asked to wipe over their reformers after the class with a new disinfectant which will be in the blue bottles as normal.
  • In between classes the studio will be locked as the teacher will be cleaning any extra equipment that has been used, all high touch areas and any areas on the reformers that are more difficult to clean or areas it is felt need further cleaning.
  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned every day by staff.


Ways you can help to limit risks


  • Please bring your own towels (if needed) and water.
  • Wash hands or use sanitiser gels on arrival and departure.
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Please always respect everyones space and remain 2m apart.
  • Bring layers if you feel the cold.
  • We will require you to wear socks for the whole class.
  • Bring only the bare minimum of items with you to the class.


Client or staff illness

  • Stay home if sick/suspect you have Covid-19.
  • To help protect everyone at Activate Pilates you will be asked to stay away from the studio and follow government recommendations
  • Please ensure you contact the studio immediately.
  • Our late cancellation policy will not apply to Covid-19 cases.
  • Before returning to classes we would ask for either a negative Covid-19 test result or a 2 week break to ensure there is no risk of infecting others.
  • Any staff that display COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  • If it is felt by officials that someone poses a risk of having spread Covid-19 at our studio the studio will be shut and all government advice will be followed and clients notified as requested by track and trace.
  • This may mean that classes could be cancelled at short notice.


If a trainer or client has a confirmed case
  • We will follow all government guidelines on contacting at risk clients, cleaning and reopening the studio.
  • You will not be charged for any classes that have to be cancelled.
  • Clients will be contacted when bookings re-open.
  • For further information please refer to the government information:

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